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ZEETIN Nigeria relies on JMT Turkey to export metal products to global markets – Businessamlive

ZEETIN Engineering Limited, a Nigeria-based company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with JMT Usa Makina San. Ve Tic Limited STI, an American-Turkish engineering and manufacturing company, to start exporting its products to the international market.

The MoU is for an initial six-year term, starting in August 2022, and is subject to renewal after the first term, according to Austin Ekeinde, Zeetin Nigeria’s brand manager.

Zeetin, a precision engineering company, manufactures a variety of heavy metal products, spare parts, and more, needed in the aviation, construction, railway, marine, petroleum and marine industries. gas, automotive and agriculture; while JMT is an international machinery manufacturing enterprise and a supplier of machinery and other products to the world.

The symbiotic business relationship will see Zeetin leverage JMT’s customer network to sell its products in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia – to countries like Cameroon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates. united, Algeria, Ghana, Morocco and India; while JMT will export machine parts and electrical and electronic parts to the Nigerian firm.

In the MoU, the Turkey-based company will provide spare parts for Zeetin machines, including sensitive parts of electronic parts for Zeetin products; and also act as a technical partner of Zeetin Nigeria, to collaborate and design and manufacture products together.

The synergy between the two engineering and manufacturing companies also covers areas of expertise, capacity building, marketing, workforce development, advancements in engineering and technology, research and development, and many more.

Zeetin and JMT have been working together for some time, with JMT supplying various machines to the Zeetin factory located in the Idu Industrial Zone in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria.

Speaking on the importance of the MoU, Azibaola Robert, Managing Director of Zeetin Nigeria Ltd, said the partnership was very important. “This is indeed a breakthrough for us (in Nigeria) as a country as it is the first time that a Nigerian engineering and manufacturing company will start exporting heavy metal products, spare parts on the International market.”

Robert added that furthermore, the collaborative effort between Zeetin Nigeria and JMT would catalyze Nigeria into a net technology exporter country; and also save the country from precious foreign currency. “It will stimulate our economy, it will also create more jobs. So overall Nigeria will be the ultimate beneficiary, ”he said.

Also speaking, JMT Chairman Serhan Yazicilar said, “This MoU will further strengthen our business relationship with Zeetin Engineering; because they are our reliable partners in the engineering and technology industry, especially in Nigeria. “