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Triton Metal Products Adds Educational Opportunities for Newts Through New Partnership with Trine | heraldry

HAMILTON – Through a new partnership with Trine University, the “Tritons” – employees – of Triton Metal Products will have access to expanded educational opportunities.

The industry-leading metal fabrication company will also benefit from free access to job vacancies and recruitment opportunities, attracting Trine students and alumni, as well as access to Trine 1 innovation. , which provides marketing and expansion strategies, assistance with new products and / or improvements. to current processes or products.

“As a center of training and learning, anyone who becomes a Newt has the opportunity to walk through the door without experience and has the desire to learn and be trained for advancement and growth. The support of each Triton in the development of our talent is unparalleled. Partnering with Trine University is our next step in helping our Tritons realize their dreams and their full potential, ”said Tricia Baughman, CFO of Triton Metal Products.

“Triton Metal Products‘ culture of valuing those who work there is evident, starting with its statement that there are no employees, only Newts,” said Earl D. Brooks II, President of Trine. “We are proud that the company recognizes the benefits that education provided by Trine University can bring to Newts, and we look forward to helping them learn new skills and advance in their careers. “

Through the partnership with Trine, Triton Metal Products will be able to create personalized courses, available online and on site. Employees will be supported in securing grants and scholarships, which will reduce education expenses for the Triton team.

Triton employees will receive additional support to ensure that Trine registrants use 24/7 access to tutoring, as well as all other academic and financial support services available. Colleagues at Triton can take advantage of over 45 courses using open educational resources, eliminating textbook and material costs, and can receive a free application for enrollment and a free assessment of unofficial education transfer credits.

Through TrineOnline’s generous education credit acceptance program, Triton employees will be able to transfer up to 90 hours of education credit to a bachelor’s program, including their unique on-the-job training experience. This means that fewer courses are needed to graduate; therefore, they have less financial impact and graduation is possible in as little as a year. Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn graduate credit while working on a bachelor’s degree through TrineOnline’s combined degree programs.

Triton Metal Products improves efficiency with expert in-house design-build capabilities. Its qualified members adopt a common vision and collaborate every step of the way.

With an extensive list of capabilities, the company is equipped to handle the most complex projects. For more than 40 years, her goal has been to make a significant difference in the lives and businesses that she touches.

Triton Metal Products unites the winning combination of minds and machines by hiring the brightest in the business and equipping them with the best tools and technology. In return, customers get better parts, on-time delivery, and exceptional value.