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TNG uses Metso Outotec’s H2-based Circored process for Mount Peake concentration planes

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on September 12, 2022

TNG Limited, an Australia-based resource company, commissioned Metso Outotec to conduct a study to reduce Mount Peake Ti-V magnetite concentrate using Circored™ technology, which uses hydrogen as the sole reductant source .

As part of the study, Metso Outotec will perform a techno-economic assessment to integrate Circored technology into TNG’s TIVAN® process which enables the extraction of high quality products from Ti-V magnetite deposits.

Metso Outotec was awarded this assignment following positive tests carried out for TNG, which confirmed the applicability of hydrogen-based reduction for Mount Peake Ti-V magnetite concentrate.

The test work program, which was a precursor to a more detailed business and technical evaluation, was successful, according to TNG, and yielded the following results:

  • Achievement of iron metallization goals over a range of test parameters;
  • Demonstration of the viability of processing Mount Peake titanomagnetite concentrate with Circored technology from Metso Outotec; and
  • Samples generated for downstream validation testing.

Now, Metso Outotec will further define the flowsheet for the Mount Peake project and prepare a preliminary capital cost and operating cost (+/-30%) for a Circored plant.

The use of hydrogen is a key part of TNG’s medium to long-term strategy to reduce its net carbon footprint from processing operations at the Mount Peake Project.

TNG Managing Director and CEO Paul Burton said Metso Outotec’s study also complements its existing partnership with SMS Group, with which TNG has a strategic partnership, to investigate green hydrogen production at Mount Peake. .

Located 235km north of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory, Mount Peake will be a long-lived project producing a suite of high-quality, high-purity strategic products for global markets, including pentoxide vanadium, titanium dioxide pigment and iron ore. fines, according to TNG. The project has been granted major project status by the Australian Federal Government and the Northern Territory Government.

Circored, part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive portfolio, is a process that uses hydrogen as the sole reducing agent in the reduction of fine ores, enabling carbon neutrality for metal processing plants.