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The best wine racks to store your bottle collection


Once you’ve got the basic furniture in place, it’s time to turn your attention to those little extra details that make a house feel like home.

Wine racks, while essentially storage, offer a way to channel your personality or style into your interiors for relatively little money and minor DIY skills. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated spot to showcase your favorite bottles and keep them handy – handy when you have company.

Head sommelier at Le Pont de la Tour, D&D London, Michele Orbolato has tips on the best temperature to serve red, white, rosé and sparkling wine:

  • Sparkling wine: in general, the best temperature for sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco and sparkling wines is 6°C to 8°C. I don’t recommend any lower than that because otherwise you’ll struggle to taste the aromas.
  • White wine: these are made to be drunk quite young without going through the aging process. They should be tasted between 8 and 10°C. More structured and bolder white wines should be served at a slightly higher temperature between 10 and 12°C to allow the aromas to compose themselves.
  • Rosé wine: rosé wines must be served between 12 and 14°C to appreciate all their aromas; colder than this range, you may not be able to enjoy the wine.
  • Red wine: I normally consider there to be two categories; light to medium bodied reds and full bodied reds. Red wines like Pinot Noir or Gamay should be served between 16 and 18°C ​​in order to appreciate their fruitiness and freshness. While full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Barolo need a bit higher temperature (between 18-20°C) for you to appreciate all the notes including spice and tertiary aromas.

She adds, “The best way to store wines at home if you don’t have a cellar or wine cellar is to try to keep them out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Protect them from direct light as this can damage the wine and hot temperatures which can “stress” the nectar. Also, if you can, store reds and whites horizontally to limit oxygen exchange through the cork. The wine will thank you.

Whether you’re looking for a small, compact design to sit on your kitchen counter or are planning to go out with a cupboard to store your tastiest grapes, we’ve searched high and low for the best wine rack designs to fit. to all kinds of interiors. fashions.

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The Range Orleans wine cellar – mango wood


We’re not saying one piece of furniture will help you nail the whole ‘grown-up’ thing, but it can’t hurt – especially when said piece of furniture is this mango wood wine cooler. The sleek design sits atop vintage-style brass hairpin legs and is finished with metal etching and vintage-looking handles – we consider it the Don Draper of wine cabinets. It holds eight bottles and offers space to store glasses and accessories.

Nambe Life Wine Rack


A wine rack gives you the opportunity to add interesting details to your home. Turn a small corner of your kitchen or dining room into an art gallery with this eye-catching sculpted piece.

Crafted from acacia wood, it promises to be oddly engaging on its own, but its appeal will grow once you slide your bottles around the curves. Holds four standard size bottles.

MADE Clover 22 Bottle Acacia Wood Wall Mount Wine Rack, Natural


Empty walls offer plenty of opportunities, but instead of hanging another mirror or framed poster, make it your happy hour spot. Constructed from beautiful acacia wood, MADE’s wall rack holds 22 bottles of wine, making it a work of art that evolves with every bottle you polish. It’s also available in black and light wood tones to match or contrast with your space.

Legnoart Marea oak wine rack


This sculptural wine rack serves as both a practical bottle holder and a work of art. The guaranteed conversation starter is crafted from smooth oak wood and can hold up to six of your favorite bottles of white, red and pink. There’s also the option to store the bottles upright for a different aesthetic if you want to shake up your look.

Homary Industrial Wall Mounted Wine Rack in Wood and Gold Metal with Glass and Bottle Holders


How serious are you about wine? If you’re about to open your own bar, first take stock of this contemporary wall shelf. Not only will it display eight of your treasured vintages, there’s also a shelf for drinking plonk as well as hooks to keep glassware ready for your next service. A statement feature for your dining room or kitchen.

Dunelm Industrial Kitchen 6-Bottle Wine Rack


Looking for a housewarming gift? If your friend is known for his love of wine, a special rack to hold his best bottles will be a treat. This petite mango wood and wrought iron design has room for six bottles and can easily sit on kitchen counters or in pantries, ready for the occasion.

Pico Honeycomb Bottle Holder – Large

Want to be a bit of a wine collector? Give your Burgundy, Bordeaux and Beaujolais wines the setting they deserve with this superb honeycomb-inspired rack. Crafted from iron and painted in a metallic gold hue, there’s room for 15 bottles. Measures 46 x 42 x 18cm.

Swoon Editions Cannes Wine Rack, Brass & White Marble


Guests with a penchant for pinot (or any other wine, for that matter — no discrimination here) should head to Swoon Editions where the Cannes wine rack is ready to bring the party home. Going better than a standard rack, this thoughtful design incorporates a small marble tabletop above the zig-zag rungs, which can hold around 15 bottles of the good stuff.

Shelby Leather Bottle Holder


More of a shelf than a rack in itself, this compact design is ideal for small spaces where design is paramount. Show off some bottles of red, rosé and white wine and pour your favorites into a ready-made glass on the underside. Genius.

Habitat Japonica Wine Rack


This golden steel rack is nice to look at when empty, but when it’s filled with delicious bottles of wine, that’s when it really comes into its own. Holding six of your favorites, keep it close to the table for easy meal pairing.

Blue Elephant 16 Solid Wood Wine Bottle and Natural Wood Glass Holder

blue elephant

Made from sustainable bamboo wood, this elegant four-tier wine rack gives you plenty of room to store your liquor – enough for 16 bottles, in fact. The chic design looks like it came straight from a restaurant, bringing Michelin-style quality to your meals and parties.

Robin marble bottle holder


Say goodbye to your alcohol storage problems. This elegant wave-shaped rack is perfect for impressing your friends at your next wine and cheese party, displaying three bottles for your viewing pleasure.

Cotswolds Company Meera Wine Rack

Cotswolds Co.

One for connoisseurs, this simple design may at first glance seem unassuming, but when loaded with bottles it will serve as your very own wine cellar. Stack up to 40 bottles on the wave-shaped racks, ensuring you never run out at your next dinner party. If you’re looking for a less bulky option than a drinks cabinet, this one has legs.