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Starbucks Malaysia launches Perlis Store

The company announced the official opening of its first store in Perlis on March 2. The new store complements the company’s presence in all states and federal territories of Malaysia.

The new store is a drive-thru located in the state capital, Kangar, the largest town in Perlis. It has been designed to reflect the brand’s 50+ year coffee heritage, while embracing Malaysia’s distinctive local traditions and culture. Inside the store, customers will find plenty of seating as well as several works of art from where Starbucks began, in Pike Place, Seattle, a tribute to the roots of the brand that revolutionized coffee culture in worldwide.

The interior of the store is composed of a composition of wood, metal and cement finishes creating a bright and welcoming Third Place for customers between their home and their place of work. The store also elevates the cafe experience by including touches of green through its indoor plants and landscaping.

Starbucks has always been committed to creating a positive impact in the communities it serves. As the company expands into communities such as Kangar, Starbucks will increase employment opportunities and offer a range of training and skills development programs to its partners (employees), including coffee master certifications as well as sign language lessons and more.