Some teachers oppose vaccination because of religious and traditional beliefs


Cape Town – As the teacher vaccination campaign draws to a close, a fraction of teachers have reportedly refused to vaccinate on religious and traditional grounds.

The Western Cape Department of Education operated on a consent basis, so those who did consent should take the vaccine.

Although vaccines are not a treatment for Covid-19 and do not prevent infection, they do increase the chances of survival in the event of infection.

In an anonymous conversation with Weekend Argus, a teacher from Cape Town said she had never used a needle in her 51 years and would not start now.

“I’ve never taken a pill before, when I have a headache, I pray and drink a glass of water.

“It goes hand in hand with the healthy lifestyle I lead, of course.

“I don’t consume processed foods and if I haven’t grown them I won’t eat them.”

The mother of two said her entire family is healthy and will not take any injections that could affect their lifestyle.

“Many will think I’m crazy, but that’s how we live.

“I’m not against people who take the jab, it’s my personal choice and should be respected.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist who thinks vaccines are bad or anything, but I’m not going to accept it.”

When asked if she ever had a polio shot as a child, the teacher said, “My parents might have taken me for a shot like this, I was a baby and had nothing to say, but when I grew up I was alive this life with my family.

“My children were never vaccinated, there are traditional ways of life.”

Videos have been shared online showing how people who have been vaccinated attract magnetic objects.

The videos show that when a vaccinated person places a coin or metal next to the injection site, the coin is attracted or pulled.

Health Department spokesman Mark van der Heever said: “Fake news is considered a criminal act during the disaster state. Spreading falsified information is irresponsible and illegal. We encourage all residents to familiarize themselves with true and accurate information about the vaccine. The vaccines are safe and have been tested worldwide. They do not contain any metals or microchips that would make the recipients at the injection site magnetic. ”

Traditional healer Sandile Hlophe said that there are people who lead healthy lives without ever going to the hospital.

“These people have typically never had serious health problems like a broken leg and need medical attention.

“I’ve never been to a hospital either, I have traditional medicine, but that’s because I’ve never had an illness that my medicine couldn’t cure.

“As healers, we encourage people to take care of their health and go to hospitals if necessary.”

SA Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) provincial secretary Jonovon Rustin said although there were no official records, there were reports of teachers refusing to take the sting.

“You just say it’s personal and leave it at that.

“Remember that vaccination is voluntary. We had a webinar with a scientist to explain more about the vaccines to the teachers.

“Teachers are also trained to be able to analyze information.

“It would be interesting to hear which verse in the Bible is against the vaccine.”

WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Hammond said WCED has yet to determine how many employees in the sector have not accepted the offer (vaccination).

“Because we worked on the basis of consensus, we looked at the figures received that correspond to the required targets.

“That is, we asked the schools to have the names of staff (members) who agreed to take the vaccine and to schedule them accordingly.

“Once the process is complete, we will need to work with (the) Department of Health to determine the number of those who have not been vaccinated in this process, as those numbers would include those who were vaccinated through the ‘over 60′” drive .

“That category would not have approved because they have already received the vaccine (Pfizer).”

Weekend Argus

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