Metal store

Signs, new OK’d downtown store entrance

Historic downtown McMinnville continues to show “signs” of growth.

The city’s Historic Zoning Commission met to review applications for certificates of adequacy (COA) from First United Methodist Church, Three Sisters Candle Company and Moore’s Office Supply. While the first two want signage, the second ask for a rear entrance.

Messages exist, First United Church elder Jimmy Haley said, and a sign between them is needed.

“The existing signboard had signage for our Hispanic ministry that was located in the First Methodist outreach building for several years,” Haley said. “When the church signed an agreement with the state labor department to allow the GED program to be there, they slapped a small vinyl sign above the Latino service sign. This remained for a few years. Then the state of Tennessee decided it needed a more permanent sign. They came without telling us, basically, and dismantled the metal part between the two posts.

Located along Morford Street, the new signage would advertise adult education, on-site and virtual learning currently offered by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and located in the building of church outreach.

Candle shop owner Cassie Johnson requested that two panels, one located at the main entrance to the business, be hung from the awning and the other on a shared pylon panel located along of Morford Street which advertises all the businesses located in the old Fraley building.

Scott Moore is being renovated at Moore’s Office Supply and wants to create a side/rear entrance to the passageway that connects Main Street to the Farmers Market.

“I want access through the City Mall gate, between the monument and the arch. I would like to have an access gate there,” Moore said.

Community Development Department director David Baird said the entrance would be at the side of the building.

Moore explained that placing it on the back wall would require relocating utilities, including a gas meter, and that storm water would be an issue there, “Because the concrete at the Farmers’ Market spans about four feet beyond my building, I would need to put a sidewalk there. Since this is the downspout of my building, there is a lot of water flowing out. I would like the entrance to be higher than the water flow aft.

Members of the Historic Zoning Commission unanimously approved all three COA applications.