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Saint Louis County, Minnesota is digitizing the complex wastewater and septic permit application process.

Mitchell Humphrey & Co.’s FastTrackGov software platform solved problems and increased stakeholder satisfaction for the Saint Louis County Wastewater Department in Minnesota.

ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) March 02, 2022

The Saint Louis County, Minnesota, Onsite Wastewater Department has updated its legacy platform to the Mitchell Humphrey & Co. (MH&Co.) FastTrackGov (FTG) software authorization system. Other departments currently use MH&Co’s FTG. to issue licenses and permits, including liquor licenses, land use permits, precious metals dealer licenses, horticultural event licenses and tobacco product licenses, and software financial services provider, Financial Management System (FMS III), to process payments. FTG to handle the unique needs of the wastewater service was the ideal choice.

The ministry needed specialized permits for septic permits. In addition to a system that could handle these types of permits, they also needed to store and organize their legacy data. On-Site Wastewater appreciated the online benefits that FTG has to offer, allowing the citizen/contractor to apply and pay for permits online, thus increasing processing efficiency.

FTG has helped increase the efficiency of permit application processing by creating greater real-time visibility into permit activity. In addition to monitoring this activity and generating on-demand reports, staff now have the ability to search for other permits and licenses for the same property for seamless septic permit processing.

By immediately increasing the efficiency of processing online applications and payments, FTG has created greater satisfaction and support from septic contractors and homeowners. As the county continues to find more opportunities to improve workflows and payment systems with FTG, the Recorder’s Office plans to implement FTG for its vital records processing.

About Saint Louis County, Minnesota

Located in northeast Minnesota, St. Louis County is home to 200,000 people spread over 7,000 square miles. Blessed with abundant natural resources, the county’s major industries include mining, wood and paper products, shipping, aviation, higher education, healthcare, and tourism.

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