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RF government should focus on meeting domestic demand for metal products – Vladimir Putin

The domestic demand should be based in particular on the implementation of major infrastructure development programs

Companies in the sector, the government and regional leaders should focus on meeting domestic demand for metal products, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the meeting on the development of the metallurgical complex, according to the transcript published on the site. Kremlin official.

According to the President, it is not only about stable supplies of these goods in our market, but also about increasing these supplies, increasing demand, mainly due to the increase in the volume of housing construction, industrial and commercial facilities, and due to the implementation of major infrastructure development programs: railways, bridges and viaducts, as well as other fixed assets.

Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia will always be a reliable and responsible supplier of metallurgical products for foreign customers and partners, regardless of the current political unrest. “We will also be reliable partners for those who seek beneficial and predictable business cooperation, but we will not act against our own interests in relations with those who have taken an openly hostile position towards us. This applies not only to the metals market, but also to our other exports,” the president said.

He also recalled the instructions given at the April meeting to adopt the strategy for the development of Russian metallurgy until 2030. towards dynamically growing markets,” he said.

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