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Process and control today | Sheet Metal Fabricator Achieves Zero Downtime with Stratus Technologies ftServer

San Jye Co., Ltd. (SJCO) is a professional sheet metal manufacturer. Founded in 1977, San Jye focuses on precision machinery sheet metal, custom sheet metal for medical assistive devices and electronic semiconductor fields. They focus on long-term innovation and high-quality products made possible through technology.

Equipment reliability, the foundation of product quality
SJCO provides customers with the most advanced equipment processes and prompt service. With a comprehensive understanding of the importance of product quality and production control, SJCO ensures the price advantage, and also provides prompt delivery and high-precision quality at the same level. Ensuring safe and reliable operation of the production system is the top priority for system operation and maintenance.

Stratus ftServer offers cost-effective fault tolerance
To eliminate single points of failure (SPOF) of the production system, SJCO conducted extensive evaluations of a variety of high-availability software and hardware solutions on the market, conducted extensive detailed tests and comparisons, and selected the platform -form Stratus ftServer. Compared to high availability software options, the Stratus ftServer system is more cost effective, less expensive to maintain and easier to use, providing a durable high availability open architecture. SJCO has purchased the Stratus ftServer 4810 series devices, all of which are running Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, ERP, drawing software and a file server. All Stratus ftServers are deployed in the central machine room in Chiayi, providing long-lasting, high-availability protection for the critical production system.

The Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant server offers reliable protection for key business operations, providing durable high-availability solutions for enterprises. Using redundant hardware modules, the server achieves data synchronization between CPU, memory, disk and network card through advanced fault-tolerant chips. It can help achieve seamless switching between hardware module failures to clear system hardware SPOFs, high availability reaching the highest level of 99.999%.

The features of the Stratus ftServer system are very suitable for the manufacturing industry which requires no downtime. It protects applications from unexpected downtime, ensures no loss of transaction data, simple operation and maintenance, and low performance loss, while avoiding the high cost and system complexity of deployment. and managing other high availability solutions.

No downtime translates to improved production performance
Since going live with the Stratus ftServer system, the production system has experienced zero downtime and employees can complete their jobs quickly and dramatically improve production performance. Since deploying the IT infrastructure and applications on the Stratus ftServer system, the production system has achieved zero downtime, meeting the system reliability requirements of management and operations and maintenance personnel of the company, and also providing users with a fast, secure and reliable system.

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