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Menards Cripple Creek General Store Review

The Menards Cripple Creek General Store is the latest O-scale structure for the seemingly burgeoning fictional burgh. Several company buildings, including one recently released lock towerare “located” there.

Menard’s Cripple Creek General Store features lots of detail and has that turn of the 20th century look.

This one is a bit different from the others in terms of details. It has more of an “old west” feel mainly due to the characters that are mounted on the base. They include a cowboy on a horse, some ranch hands, and a woman in a long skirt who bears a striking resemblance to Miss Kitty of “Gunsmoke” fame. Of course, Jack the German Shepherd also makes an appearance.

Menard’s Cripple Creek General Store

Menards Cripple Creek General Store cowboy side view
Looks like the good guy in the white hat with his trusty steed has arrived to save the day.

The two-story building has a rustic feel with its clapboard siding and metal roof. The latter is weathered and has streaks and spots of simulated rust. A large smoke tower supported by guy wires rises to one side.

The facade features a promenade-style porch, a sign attached by a “Guns-Ammo-Grub” advertising chain, and a few vintage advertisements along the same lines. A wooden barrel and a metal trash can sit on either side of the front doors. The building is on a landscaped base with simulated gravel, grass, trees and shrubs.

Double glazed windows have mock curtains. The building is also lit externally by a light fixture above the Cripple Creek General Store sign and LEDs under the porch roof. There is a socket on the back and a pigtail under the building for the 4.5V power supply (sold separately, Menards #279-4061/4361, 4062/4362 or 4050). The interior is unlit, but with the hole in the base an enterprising modeler could change that.

quick thoughts

Side view of the Menards Cripple Creek General Store tree
Jack the German Shepherd found the shade of a beautiful tree.

This is an ideal building for model train enthusiasts who like to run their Lionel General or other old fashioned locomotives. It would be at my house a 19e or early 20e century Main Street. The only detail that seems a bit out of place is the metal trash can; I don’t think it would be too difficult to remove it if it sticks to your skin. You can always tone down the shiny aluminum paint with a slightly less shiny color.

Menard’s Cripple Creek General Store is another solid building for an O gauge display. Nice to see a structure that is useful for multiple periods of time. It has an MSRP of $79.99 and is available at your local Menard store or at