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Make deposits to your credit card in a comfortable and safe way.

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Quick and simple loan application from your mobile or smartphone.

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We guarantee 100% the security of your personal data.

Why are we the best?

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Why choose Victoria Credit loans?

Comfortable, discreet, fast and easy!
These are the words that describe Casting Credit!
On our website everything is very easy and fast!
Just go to the internet or use your smartphone and fill out our easy to use application!

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How is the proccess?

First of all, our client must be a Moldavian citizen!
The next step would be to complete our user friendly application!
If you have met all these simple conditions, you have taken a step towards obtaining funds that you may need for various unexpected expenses!
Yes, you are right, we have made it very easy for you!

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Don't wait, get your loan now!

Casting Credit can help you in case of unexpected financial problems!
Just fill out our simple application form and leave everything else to us!
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Online credits from Victoria Credit

There is nothing more important than the speed of decision making. This applies to both work moments and personal matters. Especially when it comes to money and if the problem needs to be solved urgently. When emergency funds are needed, an online loan will solve the situation. It can be obtained if you request money online from the Victoria Credit service on any day or night.

Online credits in Moldova in 2019

In the current economic situation, not everyone can accumulate savings. Without a "safety cushion", very often, a person faces financial difficulties. There are many such examples: the collapse of household appliances or a smartphone, the need for an urgent medical examination or expensive treatment, the accumulated debt for public services, a nearby vacation or a celebration. Salvation is an online credits.

However, you can request a loan online online not only to solve problems. With it, you can buy a great thing, which is currently discounted, or a last minute ticket at a bargain price at the place of your dreams. The question arises: where to obtain this online credits? This is where the trustworthy and trustworthy website Casting Credit comes to the rescue. With their help, you can improve your financial situation easily and simply without extra effort.

The main characteristics of online credits:

  • save time, because you don't have to go to banks to get money;
  • minimum package of documents;
  • the request is processed in a few minutes;
  • the customer himself chooses the amount he wants to lend and chooses the period in which he can return it;
  • online credits are issued without income reference;
  • there is no need for guarantees and guarantors to request a credit online;
  • even a borrower with a bad credit history can get money quickly;
  • With online credit, you can improve your story.

How to request credits online

To begin the process, you must first use the online calculator. There, they must specify the amount to borrow and the desired repayment period. Here are the possible options:

  • The amounts to obtain are 50-800 euros;
  • The money back period is 5-30 days;
  • The interest rate ranges from 0% to 200%
  • Then the client has to leave a quick loan application, which indicates:
  • Personal information;
  • Contact information, that is, an email address and a mobile phone number;
  • Information about current employment and income;
  • A bank card number (it must necessarily be a card from a Moldavian bank).

In addition, the system determines and approves the issuance of a loan, after which money is disbursed on the card of any bank in Moldova. The user can request credit online and use it at their discretion.

Therefore, an online credit will always help at the most necessary moment to solve all financial difficulties in a few minutes, 365 days a year, 24/7, and Casting Credit is the company that will do it more online!

Where a credit online

Casting Credit is one of the leading microfinance organizations that provides a convenient online service to obtain credit online on a bank card.

The company is always ready to come to the rescue: at any time of the day or night, on weekends and even on holidays. Casting Credit has confidence in its borrowers and does not create any bureaucratic obstacles for the online disbursement of money. The service is committed to quick task resolution, loyalty to borrowers, and transparency of all financial transactions.

The organization is always happy to help you! If you have been refused to grant credit at a bank or financial institutions, don't bother. Casting Credit is waiting for you and will do everything possible to provide you with the necessary financial support. To apply for a loan online from our company, you will have to spend only about 30 minutes and the money will be sent to your card.

The conditions to request credit online in our organization are as transparent as possible. Having seen, with the help of a loan calculator, during the online credit application process, the amount you will have to pay, you can be sure that it will never change. The organization expects your decency and asks you to return the money as online as it gives them.

To request a credit online, contact Casting Credit. Here, you will help solve any of your problems in the shortest time, because you value every customer! Try it for yourself!

Requirements for an online credit

Most of the people, having heard about loan processing, paint a picture where they will have to bring tons of various documents to the bank with confirmations that the borrower is actually employed or has material security. In this case, it will be necessary to endure more than one long queue during working hours. If a person decided to get a loan from a bank, perhaps everything will look like this. But by contacting Casting Credit, everything will be much simpler.

We have the minimum requirements to request credit online:

  • the age within 21-75 years;
  • a valid DNI / NIE;
  • a permanent source of income (unemployment benefit / pension, etc.);
  • a phone number and email;
  • a bank card from any Moldavian bank.

5 reasons to apply to Casting Credit:

  1. To improve your credit history;
  2. To borrow more money each time;
  3. To save on interest and earn bonuses;
  4. To get each new credit even more online;
  5. To choose a convenient payment schedule.

Advantages of Casting Credit

Casting Credit is an opportunity to quickly and easily obtain an online credit of 50 to 800 euros. The first emergency sum with the service generally goes with an interest rate of 0%. Also, when compared to traditional bank loans, the organization's key advantage is the speed of application processing. We list other advantages:

  1. Any citizen of Moldova can apply for a credit online. The only document required is a valid DNI / NIE. It is also necessary to have a bank card, to which the money is transferred in case of a positive decision.
  2. To receive money online on a card, a certificate of income is not required.
  3. The application is completed online on the site. It is not necessary to collect documents and take them to the company office to request a loan online. You can fill out the form on the go using a smartphone / tablet / laptop with an internet connection.
  4. There is no need to wait long for the request to be considered. The decision is typically received by the borrower within 5 minutes after the application is submitted.
  5. The money from online credits arrives in a couple of minutes after approval. The process from completing a form to receiving funds takes an average of 30 minutes.
  6. Online credit is issued 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event of force majeure, you can borrow cash on weekends, holidays, and evenings when banks are down.

The Casting Credit company disburses money online, which will undoubtedly help solve financial problems. The term of payment of the funds is not more than 30 days, and the amount of the online credit is small. Therefore, our services can be used instead of a pawn shop, which, unlike us, needs a promise. Our company shows absolute confidence in its clients.

You just need to contact our service and your request will be processed as soon as possible!

Casting Credit - Your helping hand!

What is a credit application?

The credit application refers to that procedure that is carried out to borrow money. In a credit application the data of the interested party is completed. Depending on the loan, the information to be completed in the credit application varies. For online credit, the application is also processed online.

What is financial credit?

A financial credit can be online credit or other credits granted by a financial institution. Financial credit is provided, for example, by banks. There are also private lenders that offer credit through a financial entity.

What is a decided credit?

A decided credit means a credit whose application has already been evaluated by the lender. This means that it has already been determined whether or not the credit was approved. The "decided credit" does not necessarily have to be "approved credit." A "decided credit" can also mean a rejected application.

What is a line of credit?

A line of credit consists of having money available to use as needed. You can have the line of credit for an online credit or other credits. In order to maintain this line of credit, it must fundamentally be fulfilled by returning that money as established.

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