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Enabling a sustainable world through purpose-driven products and operations

The past few years have reflected the importance of human health and its synergistic relationship with our environment. While we have made giant leaps in technology across all sectors, it is equally important to transform our economies and societies to enable a greener, healthier and cleaner environment.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by United Nations Member States are an urgent call to action to develop strategies to improve health, education and socio-economic conditions with underlying importance for combat climate change.

We are part of the ‘decade of action’, and the actions we take today will have lasting effects on future generations. Businesses and enterprises around the world have an important role to play here and act as catalysts for building and maintaining a sustainable environment.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we embarked on this journey early on with our mission to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. As a global leader in serving science, we understand the importance of our role in helping our customers and inspiring the next generation of scientists to make the world a better place.

Our strategy encompasses environmental stewardship and the technologies we introduce to enable customers to achieve their SDG goals, while making incremental progress in our efforts towards a sustainable world.

Positive disruptions in the business landscape

To align our strategy with our commitment, we have adopted initiatives in several business areas.

Net Zero Emissions is an important aspect of environmental improvement and has gained momentum worldwide with appropriate financial flows, technology development and an improved capacity building framework.

India has also set an ambitious target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2070. As part of an effort in this direction, government entities have established strict controls for continuous monitoring of carbon emissions. ambient air and continuous monitoring of emissions, urging the use of innovative solutions that guarantee accurate measurement in real time in compliance with regulatory standards.

We strive to reduce the impact of harmful gases that are a by-product of industrial processes with pioneering solutions such as Continuous Flue Gas Desulfurization Dilution Emissions Monitoring Systems (FGD CEMS), designed to effectively monitor emissions before and after the SO process2 levels of thermal power plants.

To better control the SO2 levels, vehicle emissions were monitored and in 2020 the government. of India has set guidelines to upgrade Bharat Stage IV (BS-IV) fuel to BS-VI with a change in sulfur content from 50ppm to less than 10ppm. As a result, refineries have had to quickly modify their processes by incorporating advanced monitoring systems for accurate monitoring and reporting of sulfur content at every stage of the process. Our SOLA-II system, which enables trace level measurements, helps refineries achieve their goals.

Mitigate contagious diseases

According to the WHO, around 24% of all deaths worldwide are linked to environmental factors and some of the world’s most contagious diseases are spread through the air. Along with our leading efforts in testing and vaccine development solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced the AerosolSense sampler, to mitigate airborne transmissions as part of our overall strategy. The device assists in environmental monitoring of COVID-19 in public places and behind closed doors to maintain business and operational continuity.

Our efforts towards a clean energy transition

A transition to clean energy is a significant economic opportunity for India. The recent focus on renewable batteries and green hydrogen offers India the opportunity to become a global leader in these segments.

Thermo Fisher’s wide range of analytical instruments are effectively deployed for the evaluation of batteries and their components.

The government’s National Hydrogen Mission aims to make India a hub for the production and export of green hydrogen and to make the country energy independent by 2047. Given its wide range of applications ranging from industrial, transportation and electrical to residential, monitoring the purity of green hydrogen is crucial. Thermo Fisher’s sophisticated mass spectrometers provide accurate, real-time analysis in seconds with good linearity.

Activate clean water

According to the United Nations, one in three people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water and the statistics are no better for India with less than 50% of the population having access to safe drinking water. completely safe. Chemical contamination and waterborne diseases are major causes of concern, especially in areas that lack planning for water safety.

Disinfection of drinking water by ozonation has gone unnoticed in recent years, as ozone reacts with even minute amounts of bromine in the water to form bromate, a potential human carcinogen. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recognizes ion chromatography for bromate estimation of packaged drinking water.

As the industry leader in the ion chromatography market, our systems are widely applied to assess toxicity in water samples through routine testing for ions, perchlorate, and metal speciation to determine organic and inorganic ion species.

Raising team awareness of environmental health

In 2021, we announced our commitment to become net zero by 2050 and reinforced our strategic investments to support this roadmap. A focus on sustainability is high on our priority list, which is why we continue to find ways to make environmentally responsible choices. Our initiatives aim to reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals, reducing waste in processes and increasing the energy efficiency of our products.

We are proud that our equipment and consumables meet a range of environmental measures and in turn help our customers advance sustainability in their laboratories. For example, Thermo Fisher freezers were among the first to be ENERGY STAR certified.

Additionally, we are focusing on packaging design by shifting to easily recyclable shipping materials while maintaining product integrity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific works to make the environment cleaner, greener and more sustainable with various initiatives. We are committed to innovating to serve our customers while actively minimizing our own environmental footprint.

Amit Chopra, General Manager – India and South Asia Thermo Fisher Scientific