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Bravo Home Products is pleased to announce the new SuperSlide Retractable French Door Screen

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Bravo Home Products is pleased to announce that the new Super Slide Retractable French Door Screen is a non-stop counterbalanced retractable screen system.

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, September 23, 2022 / — Bravo Home Products is pleased to announce the new retractable screen for French doors. SuperSlide is a counterbalanced retractable screen system with free sliding tracks without stops.

Bravo Super Slide retractable screens for French doors are made using small rails. There are no rollers or wheels, so they won’t jump off the track. Instead, they slide smoothly and seamlessly to open and close.

The super slide Screens for French doors are patented using a hydraulic clutch.

Super Slide retractable French door screens can be modified for left or right side entry. This unique design provides an unobstructed view with no bars in the middle. The system also offers options to control the width of the opening and provide years of trouble-free, stylish service. The Super Glide system for French doors can be modified to stop in the middle when you install a stop and can then be unlocked to fully open. This gives homeowners flexibility when designing or renovating.

Super Slide French Doors are made for openings from 36″ to 100″ wide and up to 170″ high. This system ensures smooth and effortless retraction and absolutely no rattling when your screen retracts into its housing.

The standard color options available are white, brown, beige and ivory. Custom color options are available upon request. For screen door mesh choices, there are two. Standard screen mesh or solar mesh. Both options are formulated with a vinyl coating that ensures long lasting color and strength. Standard mesh is stronger and sturdier than standard fiberglass mesh. The solar coated mesh acts as a dual purpose fabric that reduces 65% of direct sunlight and provides ultimate insect protection.

French doors have an aesthetic appeal that helps achieve an elegant and timeless look from inside or outside the home. SuperSlide French doors are precision engineered to provide protection against water ingress. The specially designed composite material will never absorb water, eliminating problems commonly associated with wood and metal doors.

Enjoy the look and feel of a traditional wood door without worrying about rotting, chipping, warping, rusting, mildew or delamination.

SuperSlide French doors will look great now and for years to come. With minimal upkeep, a simple wipe down and attention to the hardware once in a while will suffice, giving customers more time for the things they love.

Bravo Home Products SuperSlide French Doors meet the most stringent code requirements for winds and flying debris.

Plus, these custom doors help provide year-round security against intruders and significantly reduce outside noise.

When combined with insulated glass, you have energy efficient doors that can significantly reduce cooling and heating costs.

SuperSlide French doors feature an ergonomic and sturdy handle design, smooth movement with a speed reduction brake for controlled retraction and a high quality finish, suitable for the outdoors.

With over 30 years of professional experience in screening solutions, Bravo Home Products has proven time and time again that they understand customer needs.

The aim is to provide professional service in manufacturing and sales to ensure customer satisfaction. Bravo Home Products works with residential and commercial customers to provide custom solutions. All products include a limited lifetime warranty.

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