Metal store

A man wielding a metal bar was attacked at the entrance to a Chester store

A man wielding a METAL bar who attacked his victim on the doorstep of a Chester store has been jailed.

Ashley Taylor, 25, of Halton Road, Upton, previously pleaded guilty to threatening a man with an offensive weapon and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Appearing at Chester Crown Court on Thursday June 16, Taylor was jailed for 14 months.

Continuing, Sarah Badrawy said it was around 6.30pm on May 17 when Taylor was waiting for the victim to approach the Tesco Express store in Upton.

The victim had been embroiled in a civil dispute with another man and Taylor had, “out of loyalty” to the other man, offered to help avenge the victim.

Taylor told the victim, “Come on, you want it,” before attacking him at the entrance to the store.

The incident was recorded on CCTV cameras and footage was released in court showing the attack lasting around 20 seconds, and also showing Taylor biting his victim. Staff were present at the scene.

The police were called, and when Taylor was arrested, he replied, “I didn’t even touch the child, I know why you’re here.”

The victim was left with swelling, bruising and cuts, mostly to the face, including a split lip.

Taylor has had eight prior convictions for 14 offenses, including 2016 offenses of intentional injury and possession of a knife, for which he was sentenced to five years in prison.

Defending, Michael Scholes said Taylor accepting custody was “inevitable”.

There had been no financial reward for Taylor getting involved in the dispute, and the metal bar had been picked up from the street before the attack.

Taylor “greatly regretted what he did” because “the case had nothing to do with him and he is paying the price”.

Chester District Court Judge Simon Berkson. Photo by Andrew Price/View Finder Pictures.

Sentencing Judge Simon Berkson said Taylor pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

But he added: “For reasons of loyalty, a convicted violent man thought it would be appropriate to punish this man.

“You were in a public place, took a heavy metal bar with you and bit him, causing him significant harm and distress.

“You were fine under watch; you can keep yourself out of trouble if you choose to.”

In addition to the 14-month prison sentence, a five-year restraining order was imposed preventing any contact between Taylor and his assault victim.