Metal store

A gas station plans to replace a repair shop with a convenience store

An illustration of proposed improvements to the Ravensworth Shell.

The Fairfax County Planning Commission is due to consider an application Sept. 14 to turn the Ravensworth Shell gas station vehicle repair facility into a convenience store.

The Shell station is located at Ravensworth Shopping Center on the corner of Braddock Road and Port Royal Road in Annandale.

The applicant, Capital Services Inc., intends to retain the existing six fuel pumps and canopy, replace the four-bay vehicle service area with a convenience store, and add a small office on the second floor . The footprint of the building will not change.

There would be two entrances to the convenience store, one on the north side and the other on the south side of the building. The fuel pumps and store would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The project would include a number of site and architectural improvements. The building’s design would be improved to include brick veneer, glass windows and doors, and a gabled metal roof with a small tower. According to one of the planning conditions, all sides of the building must have a harmonious architecture.

Vehicle access to the site would not change. Currently, vehicles access the service station from Braddock Road with right and right turns and from two curbs from Port Royal Road.

The northernmost curb on Port Royal Road (closest to Braddock Road) would become a drive-through entrance to allow tankers access to the station’s underground tanks. There would be a narrower channeled entrance to physically limit movement at the entrance only. The other cut edge further south would continue to allow full moves.

Lane strips, stop bars, new landscape islands and pavement strips would be installed to direct traffic through the mall.

Overall daily trips are expected to increase from the current 3,128 trips to 4,033 trips and would be spread throughout the day and evening.

Landscaped islands and outdoor seating would be added. The sidewalk along Port Royal Road would be widened to five feet. The speed bumps would be removed and a stop bar would be added along the south side of the building.

The Planning Commission held a hearing on the proposal on July 27, but postponed its decision until September 14, 7:30 p.m. The Braddock Land Use Committee approved the project.

One of the key outstanding issues involved a staff recommendation asking Capital Services and the shopping center owner to set aside land for pathway improvements associated with the upcoming Braddock Road multi-modal improvement project. The Capital Services representative told the Planning Commission that he hoped to find a compromise with VDOT.

Other issues raised at the hearing relate to the need for cargo space, inlet filters for storm water treatment, location of landscaping and exterior sidewalk signs.