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Loans without payroll 2020: What are they?

Today, the rapid development of technologies has made it possible to issue loans without payroll in a matter of minutes. Modern technologies affect almost every sphere of human activity. One of them is the loan. Before, to borrow funds, you had to go to the bank branch and contact a specialist to register.

However, now, the loan procedure has become much easier. Advanced techniques allow you to disburse the best no-payroll loans in minutes and get money with the card at any time. This method of issuing funds is practiced in microfinance organizations, to which you can submit an application form online without leaving your home. All information about the borrower is taken remotely and the money is automatically transferred after a positive decision.

How to get loans without payroll

Préstamos sin nómina To receive no payroll loans online, you won't have to leave your home, call, and gather tons of various references and documents. The fast amount is issued through the Internet, it can be done at home or anywhere else in Spain. From the documents, you only need your ID. It only takes 10 to 30 minutes to apply and get money.

When you use Casting Credit again, to apply for credit without payroll online, you do not need to complete the application again, since your data will be saved in your account without payroll. In this way, you can get up to 800 euros in your balance with just a few clicks!

Thousands of people in the country appreciated how convenient it is to get cheap no-payroll loans. Be convinced and you in it, receive material support at any time. Regardless of the time of day, the day of the week, and your location in the country.

How does credit work without payroll in Casting Credit?

Applying for credit without payroll is much more optimal and cheaper than applying for it at a bank, pawn shop or relatives. Why is that? Almost everyone can get fast no-payroll loans online, regardless of:

  • Salary amounts;
  • Job;
  • Credit history;
  • Civil status;
  • Purpose of the loans.

The process to obtain loans without payroll is as follows, a person has to:

  • select the required amount and specify the desired date using the online calculator;
  • fill in a form that specifies all the necessary necessary fields, that is, first name, last name, phone number, a valid email address;
  • submit a request for consideration;
  • wait for the decision on the application (no more than 15 minutes);
  • Get money on the card instantly.

How to find out all the terms of the loan agreement without payroll online? You will receive all the conditions of the agreement when your request is previously approved. Before accepting and signing the contract, you should familiarize yourself with its terms.

Requirements to apply for quick loans without payroll or endorsement

  • The applicant's age must be between 21 and 65, respectively;
  • Only citizens registered in Spain can apply for credit without payroll online (DNI / NIE);
  • A borrower must have a device with Internet access;
  • A functional email address is a must;
  • You have to have a cell phone;
  • credit association / RAI will most likely be turned down for emergency amounts.

Advantages of loans without collateral

  1. without confirmation of income (the loan is possible with informal employment);
  2. Only a valid DNI / NIE of a citizen of Spain is required;
  3. the decision to issue a quick amount is made almost instantly;
  4. there is no need to spend time visiting financial institutions;
  5. there is no need for pledge or guarantors;
  6. you can receive cash even if you have a bad credit history (credit association);
  7. a choice of the amount and term of the loans at your discretion.

Is it safe to leave information when obtaining loans without payroll?

The protection of the data of the loans without payroll is governed by the law and the internal documentation of the organization. The reference to regulatory acts is active at the time of submitting a request opposite to the checkbox "acceptance of data processing without payroll". Information may be transferred to third parties only in such cases:

  • at the request of state or authorized bodies;
  • with the consent of the user;
  • to provide services;
  • to protect the rights of the company if the user violated the contract.

Accidental leakage of information is excluded, as data is transmitted through secure channels. Any action that goes beyond the normative acts can be challenged in court.

Frequently asked questions

Our loan officer will answer your questions.

Can I get quick no-payroll loans online with credit association?

There is a likelihood that Casting Credit will provide you fast no-payroll loans online with credit association. However, it should be noted that in this case the APR will be higher as the lender guarantees the default of the debt in such a way.

Who can be a borrower?

Any adult citizen of Spain who has a valid DNI can request a credit without payroll. Social status doesn't matter. The main thing is a permanent source of income, for which pensioners, students, mothers on maternity leave, self-employed workers and individual entrepreneurs can get a loan.

How can I submit a no-payroll loan application online?

Naturally, one must have an internet connection to request quick sums. For this any gadget will go.

Can I have more than one active debt online at the same time?

No, the companies that are involved in the issuance of small instant amounts, monitor the profiles of their clients, therefore, every time a person wants to apply for a new loan, they must make sure to fully pay the previous one.

Can I apply for credit without payroll online on behalf of another member of my family?

No, to avoid fraud, mini-loan companies are monitoring these types of transactions very precisely. Therefore, you can request money immediately only on your behalf, being the sole owner of the operation.

Can I receive credit without payroll online all day?

Casting Credit is ready to accept immediate money requests 24 hours a day and transfer funds. It has automated systems to evaluate the borrower and make decisions about the requests. The processes take place without human intervention, which allows the issuance of emergency quantities 24 hours a day.

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Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: November 18, 2016