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The terms and conditions of Casting Credit OÜ (hereinafter Casting Credit), is aimed at the protection and security of personal information provided by visitors (hereinafter "Users") who use the Website. Personal information consists of the personal data of the users of the Website such as name and surname, contact information, telephone number, email, DNI / NIE data, data of the company where you work, bank account number and other personal data (hereinafter "Personal Information").

Compliance with current laws

These Terms and Conditions, as well as any other relationship between the user and Casting Credit governed by these Terms and Conditions, will be subject to the laws in force in the Kingdom of Spain.
Any dispute between the user and Casting Credit that arises in relation to these Terms and Conditions or any relationship between the user and Casting Credit governed by these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the courts of the Kingdom of Spain.

Data Protection

Any personal data relating to the user will be subject to the processing carried out by Casting Credit in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Data Processing Policy and the Cookies Policy.

Services and use of personal information

Casting Credit offers users free services for informational purposes only, through which the potential client can find a company that offers microcredits (hereinafter "Partner"). Using our services, the client must complete one or more online requests that require the introduction of personal information, including name, surname, contact information, telephone number, email address, DNI / NIE number, information about the company where he works. , bank account number and other personal data.

The collection and use of customers' personal information is subject to this Privacy Policy.

In accordance with current legislation, the Client is not obliged to provide their personal data and / or grant permission for its use to Casting Credit. The user has the right to prohibit the use of their personal information, so the transfer of this information by the user is completely voluntary. The User expressly accepts the conditions established in the Legal Information and in these Terms and Conditions. If the user refuses to provide their personal data for Casting Credit to process them, Casting Credit reserves the right not to offer its services to this user. By confirming your consent to the use of personal information, the user automatically agrees to accept all the Conditions that appear on this Website.

Immediately after the user submits their request to obtain a microcredit, Casting Credit will process and send this personal data to one or more of the Partners that collaborate with Casting Credit by sending the request through Casting Credit, the user accepts all the principles of this Policy, thus allowing Casting Credit or its Partners to communicate with the user using the email address and telephone number to process the request and offer their services, in the most appropriate way for the user. The Partners of Casting Credit reserve the right to verify and evaluate the financial situation of the user with the participation of third parties. Casting Credit does not offer any type of financial services by itself.

The information on the Casting Credit website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to recommend the use of specific services / products among those offered on this website. Casting Credit is not responsible for the user's decision, taken as a result of reading the information provided on this Website.

The information we collect

Casting Credit accumulates the personal information of the users of the Website by processing the requests of potential and actual clients. The contact and financial information that is processed by Casting Credit is used to provide the information services described above.

The technical data of the users' computers, as well as the software, are automatically collected and processed by Casting Credit, and may be transferred to third parties for analysis.

These data include: the IP address, the type of browser, the domain name, the access hours and the addresses of the web pages through which the user reaches the Casting Credit Website. The information mentioned above is used to improve the quality of our services and generate usage statistics for the Casting Credit Website.

Age restrictions

Casting Credit users can only be people over 18 years of age. Minors cannot benefit from our services and therefore are not authorized to send us their personal data.


At any time, the user may request the deletion of their personal data from the Casting Credit database. The user can do so by sending the request to the email address

Write to us at [email protected]

or using the contact form on the Casting Credit website. The user always has the right to access and manage the information provided to Casting Credit. If the user wants to exercise this right, it is enough to request it by writing to [email protected] . [Avtor-3-9]