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Loan information (the “website”) is the web page through which individuals residing in Spain can apply for loans offered by various credit providers that contract loans for individuals in Spain.

The website is the property and is managed by Casting Credit OÜ, (hereinafter Casting Credit) the company incorporated in Moldova and registered in the Moldovan Commercial Registry under number 14822935

To contact Casting Credit, send your email to: [email protected] or to:
Casting Credit OÜ
holy grail st,
arzuzius, 457934

The website is aimed exclusively at adults residing in Spain.

The information available through the website is not intended to constitute specific financial advice. Through its website Casting Credit does not act as a financial advisor to any party. The data and information provided and presented on the website (the “information”) is based on the data that Casting Credit has received from third parties (in particular, from the credit / loan providers with which Casting Credit is cooperating). Just as Casting Credit makes every effort to keep the information updated by trying to get in regular contact with third parties in case of detecting any lack of data in the information that attracts the attention of Casting Credit, Casting Credit cannot guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information provided. Casting Credit does not control (nor has the possibility to do so) systematically or review the information; The information may be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.

The website may contain links to other websites. Casting Credit does not exercise control over the sites operated and their content, does not have any representation regarding their content, nor does it assume any responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise when accessing or using them.

Casting Credit may at any time change the content of the website or the conditions under which it is available. Casting Credit can also, at any time, block the website from being available to all users or to certain groups of users (for example, users located in certain jurisdictions).

No license or other authorization to use any copyrighted work, trademark or data available on the website will be granted to any third party or party accessing the website. However, any physical subject, resident of Spain, may access the website, through the user interface available to the public to request that Casting Credit provide all the information about the company or its active providers in the Spanish loan market with which Casting Credit cooperates by also providing him with all the details of the loan provider that has already granted him the loan. [avtor-3-9]