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As soon as our desires begin to surprise our opportunities, and we cannot afford to buy really necessary things, two thoughts arise more often: how to make more money and how to spend money. The idea of ​​saving is not new and does not depend on the size of income: wages have grown, demand has grown, and costs have automatically risen to your level. How not to spend money without control so that it does not pass through the fingers? Below are 7 practical tips on how to spend less money while having everything you need.

Cost accounting: the first step to saving

Often times the hardest part of any job is getting started, and saving your family budget is no exception. First of all, believe that this is possible even with modest income, as you will be very surprised where your hard-earned money goes. Namely, cost accounting begins to save.

You can record where the money was spent the old-fashioned way, in a notebook or journal, or you can save a file electronically or in a special application on your smartphone. Here are the three most convenient, with versions for iOS and Android:

  • Monefy
  • CoinKeeper.
  • Zen mani.

However, some believe that no one came up with a better native than Excel, for them spreadsheets are the most convenient. So, try your favorite to stop to spend money.

Keeping personal financial statements will be a very useful habit, allowing you to analyze on a daily basis what expenses were necessary and which were the result of an emotional impulse, publicity stunts or simply "to raise money." Over time, you can learn to shop more rationally, and your financial statements will become more "beautiful," "logical," and "moderate," there will be fewer unnecessary expenses, and more money will be saved. This is the first and most important how to live without spending money.

Plan and create a reservation

At the beginning of each month, gather your thoughts and make a plan for the next expenses:

  • mandatory in everyday life, the amount you can plan, more or less (meals, utility bills, fuel for the car, renting houses, paying for children's clubs, etc.);
  • reserve for unplanned expenses (going to the doctor, birthday present);
  • Fund balance: the amount from which to proceed when you suddenly wanted a branded blouse, for example. This way, you will know with certainty where to spend the money.

Loans and credit cards: decline and forget?

The habit of living on credit is the way to nowhere, because you still have to pay off debts with interest. With a credit card in your wallet, you are once again tempted and risking buying something unnecessary, and rather, not entirely in accordance with your financial capabilities. If you find it difficult to control yourself and think in cold blood, then credit is taboo for you and that is the answer on how to avoid spending money.

But if money is ever desperately and urgently needed but there are no friends to borrow, credit cards or microloans come in handy. In this case, we recommend that you read the loan terms carefully, and if the repayment terms are good, a loan can be a good solution for temporary financial difficulties. For example, Casting Credit is a reliable service that provides this type of financial aid.

Do not rush to spend money from your salary the day you receive it

Having received the long-awaited salary, do not rush to immediately spend it at the nearest supermarket or boutique. True, even if you didn't initially plan to buy anything and came "just to see," marketers and consultants will definitely "help" you spend the money you've just received on something unnecessary. You will do the right and reasonable thing if you go home and calmly make a list of what is really necessary and useful, and then buy with this list.

Piggybank: a good opportunity to spend money

Get a beautiful piggy bank to get money at your home and collect it for something specific that you cannot pay without a loan: for example, for a new smartphone or for a great vacation. Don't spend money impulsively.

Promotions, sales, discounts - use them wisely

Thanks to promotional offers, promo codes, sales, cash back and discounts, you can find out how not to spend money and save it. The main thing is to know where, in what resources to look for what you need, at a reduced price. Advantageous offers cover a wide variety of spheres of life, which is very convenient: promotional codes for cosmetics and discounts for beauty treatments and other services of the beauty industry (something that every woman can not do without), discounts on vacations, restaurants and bars, tickets for those who adhere to a healthy and active lifestyle, medical services, training and more. This is an opportunity to spend money wisely.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that promotion is not a reason to buy something unnecessary or low-quality from an unverified place. In particular, pay attention to the expiration date and the tightness of the packaging in supermarkets, if it is food.

If you approach shopping wisely, you can save a pretty good budget by waiting for the brand's collection, seasonal discounts, or Black Friday appliance shopping to sell out. Especially good opportunities in this regard when ordering products online - price reductions can be up to 90%. It is one of the ways to avoid spending money.

Smoking and alcohol: harmful to the body and wallet

Give up bad habits, and you will feel like the hole in the budget has shrunk significantly. And if you consider that the savings will also affect the costs of treating diseases associated with smoking and alcohol abuse, the benefits will be even more apparent. Isn't it a good motivation to stop spending money?

about the author

Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: February 7, 2020