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How to get fast money in Moldova 2020?

People rarely go to a bank to get quick money. This is because there, one must provide all the details of the job, guarantors and leave a security deposit, usually. Therefore, the very thought of gathering all this information, which is time consuming, drastically reduces the desire to seek help from the bank. To receive the necessary amount of quick cash, so that it is sufficient to pay before wages or pay utility bills, modern people ask for quick cash in microfinance organizations.

Dinero RapidoThe Casting Credit platform is designed for borrowers to get money quickly and without commissions or hidden fees. The contract with our company is always transparent and clear, the credit history is not verified. This is a modern service that can help in an unpleasant period, to support or not to miss an interesting or advantageous situation.

The quick money you need will arrive in less than 24 hours

Today, the rapid development of technologies has made it possible to issue fast money. Modern technologies affect almost every sphere of human activity. One of them is the loan. Before, to borrow funds, you had to go to the bank branch and contact a specialist to register. However, now, the loan procedure has become much easier. Advanced techniques allow you to shell out fast money online in minutes and get card financing anytime. This method of issuing funds is practiced in microfinance organizations, to which you can submit an application form online without leaving your home. All information about the borrower is taken remotely and the money is automatically transferred after a positive decision.

Casting Credit is waiting for your requests to provide you with fast money on the Internet.

How to ask for fast money with Casting Credit

To get fast money online from the Casting Credit service, one has to perform some very simple manipulations:

  • Choose a quantity and term

Using the online calculator on the home page of the site, a person needs to select the amount and term of the loan, then click on the "Get Credit" button. The amount to be loaned from our organization is 50-800 euros. The refund period for fast and urgent money is up to 30 days.

  • Register the request.

After clicking the "Get a credit" button, a questionnaire will open that needs to be completed. You must specify certain private social information, as well as DNI / NIE details, a cell phone number, a working email address, and a bank card number. Also, there will be fields to fill in considering the current workplace.

  • Receive the money

As soon as the application has been processed, a notification with a decision on the microcredit will be sent by SMS and email. If the application has been approved, the applicant should carefully review the loan agreement (in personal account or by clicking on the link in the email). Fast money without interest will be transferred to the card only if one accepts the terms of the contract conditions.

As a general rule, funds are credited to the client instantly. In some cases, they can be transferred later; It depends on the rules of the bank where the card was opened.

How to increase the chances of fast money on the Internet application?

Many microfinance organizations make an application decision in a matter of minutes, and during this time they must carefully verify the borrower. That is why great importance is given to parameters such as the relevance, accuracy and completeness of the information, which the borrower includes in his profile. If the customer provides all valid addresses and phone numbers where they can be found, this is an advantage. If the borrower enters the details of the above phone number or reports false information about the place of work or residence, this will complicate the task of obtaining funds. Casting Credit, as well as other similar companies, today, are armed with several databases, through which it is easy to verify the accuracy or relevance of certain information.

Under what conditions can I get fast money online?

  • It is possible to request money quickly only from citizens of Moldova or those who have a residence permit (DNI / NIE availability);
  • The minimum age for applicants is 21 years old;
  • credit association or RAY Listers will mostly be denied;
  • There must be a stable source of income (salary, unemployment benefit, scholarship, etc.)
  • The presence of a mobile phone and an email address is essential.

Frequently asked questions

Our loan officer will answer your questions.

How long is fast money issued online?

Mini loans are often called rush money before salary because they are issued for a period not to exceed 30 days. However, sometimes, there are other offers on the market, within which a borrower can pay back the money for 1 year.

Is it possible to reject the money issued?

In this case, as a rule, if the company has not yet managed to transfer the borrowed funds to the applicant's account, then it will not be difficult to refuse them. To do this, you just have to contact customer service and cancel the request.

What are the penalties if the quick money is not paid on time?

In case of non-payment of the debt in a timely manner, organization may demand a fine of the full amount of late payments for each day of delay. If the repayment is delayed without consent, the Casting Credit entity unilaterally has the right to transfer the debt to third parties.

What is the APR?

The annual interest rate is the total cost of fast money online expressed as a percentage, including all expenses before receiving the sum online. It does not include expenses payable for non-compliance with the obligations specified in the loan agreement.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit Consultant in Moldova. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: November 18, 2016