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28 Product Reviews Won’t Do Without It

The critical with the gorg mani above says their nails stayed perfect after a long day of gardening and housework! Personally, I’m also an Orly enthusiast – I love just about every product I’ve tried, and their polish bottles have a great grippy handle. After seeing the amazing reviews for the base coat, I tried it too and was blown away. The product calls itself “rubberized”, which is a great way to describe how not unpleasantly sticky it leaves your nails ready to stick to polish better. The main benefit is that with this, my clumsy self is able to paint my nails better to begin with. Because of that rubbery grip, my polish brush doesn’t slide all over or around the edges of my super short nails. I am able to do much cleaner, more precise work, which also lasts longer. With this and the mark top coatI can now take for granted that my nails will stay beautiful for almost a week. It’s much longer than usual for me, so TL; DR, it’s a win-win and a *must buy*.

Promising results: “The best. I never do my nails without this stuff. A few more tips to make your nail polish last: 1) Wash your hands well, making sure there are no lotions or oils left on your nails. 2) Slowly chamois the tops and tips of your nails to roughen them up a bit. 3) Use Orly Bonder under polish. 3) Apply a good top coat over your polish (my favorite top coat is Essie Gel Couture). My polish always chipped within a day or two. With this routine, it doesn’t chip for days, sometimes 10-14 days and my polish still looks fresh! And I do a lot of cooking, cleaning and I have three small children so I’m not too gentle with my nails.“-Sana I. Jaffer

Get it from Amazon for $8.75.