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Instant mini credit designed for you.

Many people have been left without work in recent months, it is more difficult to make ends meet and unforeseen expenses that we do not have take their toll on our family finances. For this reason, we have created mini credits instantly, to help people who need it at a specific time. At Casting Credit we know the situation of many people, each of the people who decide to become our clients sooner or later end up telling us about their situation. They trust us and we trust them so we decided to help each other.

Will the mini credit solve my problem?

The instant mini credit is the best solution to any unforeseen event that you may encounter. It is a simple, fast and comfortable way to obtain money in less than 24 hours. If you have a complication or an unexpected expense, don't worry, the instant mini credit is the best option for your personal circumstance.

In addition, at Casting Credit we work in a clear and transparent way so that all our clients know in advance what the interest rate is and the repayment term with which we work.

When you request an instant mini-credit with Victoria Credit, which ranges between € 50 and € 800, you are sure that after the completion of your request, the exact amount to be returned will appear, without cheating or small print. In addition, at that time the return period will appear, maximum 30 days, to choose. Depending on the day of repayment, the interest rate and the economic amount will change, so don't worry, you can easily choose the situation that best suits you.

about the author

Maria Solis Burley

Credit Consultant in Moldova. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: November 18, 2016