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Where to ask for a loan? Know here all the alternatives

Banks have tightened the rules and conditions to apply for a loan, so more and more alternatives are being sought. If they do not trust you, you should know that there are many more options than you are thinking right now. When the bank communicates that it is not going to make the loan you want, you can think that the world falls on your head. Nothing is further from reality. There are many options that you can request and that us will help you find.

Throughout this article, our team will tell you all the alternatives that you have to request a loan, how to request it and how we will help you to make the best choice. Stay tuned!

Examples of loans you can ask for

Ask for a loan from your relatives

The first option is the most visible. The family is always willing to lend a hand, so you can talk to them to see if they help you. If you have a brother, an uncle or a nephew in better financial situation, you may be willing to drop you a econo exchange for an interest rate amount.

The interest rate is a way of thanking you for the service provided. You’re not going to pretend to ask for money, use it and give nothing in return. So once you return the total amount plus the commissions you will be at peace.

Friends to ask for money

The second closest option is friends. If you have a great friendship with someone who has economic solvency you can raise the issue. At first it will be hard for you to say it, so try it. When you are clear about what you are going to say to him, have a coffee with him and show him the situation in which you are.

It is convenient that you explain what has happened to you, what you need, in what you are going to use the money and when you are going to return them. People are not open to lending the money that has cost you so much time to save, but if your friendship is very large it may be willing to help you. In return, plan to give a commission to seniors, it is always good to be grateful.

Money between individuals


Another excellent option is to request a loan from a private individual, also known as P2P. Usually they are procedures that are processed through the internet and do not know the person. This can be a great alternative if you do not want your immediate environment to know what situation you are in or what you want to acquire.

Normally these people do not ask you what you want the money for, nor do they ask for explanations of any kind. So you will be safe at all times.

Who are these particulars? Individuals who have acquired an extra financial amount that allows them to lend money to others in exchange for an interest rate. Usually they only lend mini credits, but you will also find exceptions.

Online financial institutions

Asking for a loan has never been easier thanks to the internet. More and more financial entities are joining this business, although few have extensive experience and the opinions of clients who endorse them. We are the best comparator of credits and loans of money of the Mexican market through Internet.

We take care to compare the best options online, adapted to your personal circumstances. Why are we doing this? Mainly so you save time and money. We know how difficult it is to find a loan online according to your circumstances, so we are willing to do the work for you.

Next, we tell you how to request money with financial institutions online through our quick comparator.

How to request a loan through us

As we have said before, in us we are leaders in comparison of credits and loans, so we only work to offer you the best. The financial entities that work through our website must meet three requirements: trust, transparency and responsibility.

If they do not comply with them, we do not collaborate for longer. We only want the best for our clients, because our goal is to help others.

To apply for a loan you just have to follow some small steps:

  • Enter our website and request what you want: immediate loans, loans without a bureau, etc. Once you perform this action, our quick comparator selects the best offers for you.
  • Now, you just have to choose the offer, or offers, that you are most interested in and click on “get your money”. You will automatically be directed to the website of that financial institution.
  • Once there, you can carefully examine the conditions, select the economic amount and the timeframe you want and give it to “request it now”.
  • In the new window you will have to cover some basic information about yourself and in 15 minutes, at most, you will know if it has been accepted.
  • In 24 hours you will have the money in account if you request one working day.

As you can see, requesting a loan is easy through us. The best comparator in all of Mexico, the one that offers the most advantages and adapts to your particular case.

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