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Loan from abroad – loan without private credit

Just pick up your next loan from abroad. Foreign currency loans are available for investments in Germany and abroad. In addition, loans from abroad without Private credit.

Below, we introduce you to foreign loans. Quite simply make an application and receive money, but this is not necessarily expected in foreign credit.
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Credit from abroad – needs

Foreign credits score from different perspectives on the credit from Germany. It is always the “special application” that brings benefits or apparent benefits. For example, the loan from abroad made it possible for a long time to save interest. The option of financing in foreign currency was used by public institutions as well as homebuilders.

At the other end of the credit scale are foreign loans without Private credit, which attract German borrowers. All people who encounter big problems in Germany to get credit. In all cases, a foreign loan can be a sensible alternative or just as disadvantageous. If there are problems, it is usually lack of information that led to the wrong course setting.

Foreign loans – finance in foreign currency

It used to be local building in Germany, where private individuals saved interest with a foreign currency loan. Likewise the treasurers of the cities and municipalities used low-interest foreign loans in foreign currency. The risk of currency fluctuation is underestimated by most. They assumed one euro at the level of the DM.

From today’s perspective, therefore, a catastrophic mistake. After all, the euro today is as soft as hot butter. Even Third World currencies are harder than the Euro. One lesson that pulls everyone out of the affair is that foreign currency loans are risky. Of course, this also applies if, for example, the holiday home – outside the Eurozone – is financed locally.

Regular loan from abroad

For a German to receive credit abroad, there are various possibilities. The size of the euro zone makes it easy to exclude foreign currency risk. The popular places for the holiday home, for example in Italy, France, Spain or even Greece, belong to the monetary union. The only remaining question is where to apply for the loan.

Theoretically, this is possible in Germany or locally. In most cases, it is advisable to take out regular credit from abroad despite higher interest rates. On-site, real estate value flows more easily into credit valuation. A bank from Germany fears problems with a possible recovery. It will therefore only grant high credit against local backup.

Foreign loans – conditions

Basically, the requirements for lending in the euro area are “harmonized”. At least in theory, all banks should check for a set of rules. They may only grant credit if the loan is considered safe at the time of the grant. Incidentally, this also applies to risky loans from abroad without Private credit.

In addition, the applicant must prove his residence abroad in the regular foreign credit. Exception, if the loan from abroad is applied for in Germany. As in the past with foreign currency loans, a local bank in Germany then takes over the credit management for the foreign bank. Such cases are the exception in the private sector.
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Foreign loans – negative Private credit

Most Germans do not seek credit from abroad against the background of large investments or to save interest. About 7 million adults in Germany have a negative Private credit entry. Loans from abroad without Private credit sound interesting because the negative Private credit entry is not recognizable. The Private creditbonität does not matter.

After all, foreign banks do not cooperate with the Private credit. With the credit attempt in Germany collected the most negative experiences. Despite all efforts, their loan applications failed again and again on the Private credit because negative Private credit means nothing else than increased risk of default. Since only safe credit may be granted, a red cloth for all regular lenders.

Search – loans from abroad without Private credit

The search for a Private creditfreien credit begins in most cases with Google. Google finds thousands of hits for every imaginable problem. Loans from abroad without Private credit are even particularly intensively advertised. Clicking on the hit list leads either to a broker or to a guidebook page. Real information, such as who offers foreign loans without Private credit, is rare.

Intermediaries dare to say so; after all, they do not want to ruin their own business. Unfortunately, most of the guides are written by people who have no idea. They often tell nonsense, such as something about foreign loans without Private credit with guarantor. On the other hand, people who are authentically picked up feel that they are purely advertising.

Private creditfrei from abroad are “in advertising” neither 100,000 euros nor lightning loans a problem. Just apply and “everything will be alright”.

Claim generator – credit from abroad

Loans with negative Private credit are looking for applicants. Against the backdrop of suffering, many are ready to believe any nonsense. You submit application after request. In fact, loans from abroad without Private credit, they do not get offered. Possibly an immediate promise, which later turns out to be baseless, but no credit.

There are also plenty of offers to complete insurance or other financial services. Only hold no credit. At the end of the ordeal even credit from abroad with advance payment sounds reasonable and plausible. With a guarantee, no credit will be granted at the end, but the money is still gone.

Foreign loans – why the advertising load

The advertising hype, to foreign loans without Private credit, does not come from banks. Efforts are therefore, as far as possible to fish every application, mediator. Your business is the commission. This can of course be the commission for a loan from abroad or domestic. But also commission from ancillary business, proceeds from expenses or consulting fees.

The credit advertising ensures only the continuous stream of customers. Most applications could be submitted to applicants from the beginning. They either do not have a high enough income or apply for credit from a situation of over-indebtedness. The negative entry is almost a sure sign that there is over-indebtedness. Or at least has been present.

However, real credit opportunities for loans from abroad without Private credit only exist if the Private credit is the only problem.
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Foreign loans – requirements

The requirements for loans from abroad without Private credit are on about the same level as for “despite” Private credit from Germany. Since 2010, only Sigma Kreditbank from Liechtenstein has been eligible for lending. As far as is understandable she is the only bank that meets the necessary requirements for Private credit-free credit from abroad.

Basically, the bank provides the answer to the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court Az. 8 C 2.09 from 2009. In it, the court defines what licenses a foreign bank must own. In addition, which requirements are to be met in order to grant German citizens resident in Germany credit without Private credit. As far as can be seen, all loans from abroad come from Liechtenstein without Private credit.

Requirements in detail – foreign credit

Not everyone who urgently seeks credit from abroad is actually only eligible to apply. The bank is only interested in applications from:

  • Persons over the age of 18 years and under the age of 62 (deadline 62 years)
  • Applicants with German citizenship
  • Employees with many years of employment (staggered)
  • Healthy borrowers (maximum 10 sick days a year)
  • Applicants without current garnishments or assignments

The application may confidently save:

  • Self-employed, freelancers and fixed-term workers
  • Housewives, recipients of unemployment benefits, sickness benefit or ALG 2
  • Canceled workers
  • Employees who have not been employed by the current employer for at least 1 year
  • Applicant with employment assignment or garnishment
  • As soon as there is an entry in the debtor register (district court)
  • Over-indebted applicants

Basically, all the requirements that also apply to the installment loan despite Private credit from Germany. At least in outline. However, the bank sees the Private credit is not one. Accordingly, an unpaid entry can go undetected.

Offer – loans from abroad without Private credit

Many foreign loans without Private credit, in the amount of 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros or 7,500 euros seem familiar. Exactly these are the loans from abroad without Private credit that really exist. The repayment is always in 40 monthly installments. Other credit options for foreign loans, such as the TackCredit without Private credit, exist only in advertising or despite Private credit from Germany.

The promise of the bank is short and sweet: to examine a loan application without Private credit query. When credit is granted, Sigma Kreditbank does not report the loan to the Private credit: neither an emergency loan nor a credit without credit standing is a reality in the non-Private credit credit from abroad. The exam is a case-by-case examination. Checked is in the exact sequence of the application.

Foreign loans via intermediaries – preferential treatment?

There is no preferential treatment for foreign loans through certain intermediaries. A commission agreement with the intermediary is also unnecessary. The bank pays the placement costs in case of success, unless otherwise agreed. Mention of the name of the mediator in the application is sufficient. If there is nothing, without intermediaries, the credit from abroad costs the same as with intermediaries.

Of course, the application may also be made directly. For loans from abroad without Private credit, the bank will provide the necessary application documents. Simply download from the homepage, fill out and apply by letter. So back to the application requirements. Foreign loans without Private credit are secured exclusively via the earned income.

How high the income must be, staggered the bank by number of dependent persons and loan amount.

Guideline – 3500 Euro loan from abroad

  • 0 Maintenance obligations = 1,150 euros net per month
  • 1 dependent person = 1,600 euros net in Mona
  • 2 dependents = 1,850 euros net per month
  • 3 dependent persons = 2,150 euros net per month
  • 4 dependent persons = 2,500 euros net per month

Foreign loans – 5,000 euros Private credit

  • 0 Maintenance obligations = 1,600 euros net per month
  • 1 dependent person = 1,900 euros net per month
  • 2 dependents = 2,250 euros net per month
  • 3 dependent persons = 2,600 euros net per month
  • 4 dependent persons = 3,200 euros net per month

7,500 euros Private credit-free foreign credit for Germans:

  • 0 Maintenance obligations = 1,800 euros net per month
  • 1 dependent person = 2,100 euros net per month
  • 2 dependent persons = 2,500 euros net per month
  • 3 dependent persons = 2,900 euros net per month
  • 4 dependents = 3,400 euros net per month

Loans from abroad without Private credit are also possible with even more dependent persons. However, we do not have the exact figures of the bank for that. Therefore no statement.
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Foreign credit – minimum duration of employment

Job security, of course, plays an important role in foreign borrowing without Private credit, since approved loans are only secured through income transfer. Therefore, the bank staggeres the minimum affiliation to the current employer by loan size. Foreign credits amounting to 3,500 euros will kick off again.

12 months of uninterrupted employment with the current employer are sufficient. 36 months must be proven for the average loan amount – 5,000 euros for loans from abroad without Private credit. If it goes “in full”, with 7500 euros without Private credit 48 months of service is expected. Always uninterrupted and uninterrupted, of course.

Do not forget alternatives

Basically, foreign loans, whether with a good credit rating or without Private credit, are only a good second choice. Possibly lower interest rates are not to be expected. Other supposed advantages do not generally justify the effort. Moreover, only people with “open” entries have to resort to loans from abroad without Private credit.

If the registered debt noted as done, then rather apply for Private credit. For bank loans, for example, the alternative would be “extra-credit”. The Von Essen Bank is considered the most important contact in Germany to receive installment credit despite Private credit. The self-employed will find no real offers for loans from abroad without Private credit anyway.

You are better off with your credit request for the loan from private. Suitable contacts on P2P loans, that would be, for example, creditend and trucredit.

Apply for Risk – Benefits of creditend

In its credit comparison, creditend clearly shows with which banks the portal works together. In most cases, these risks can be avoided by borrowing from abroad. An overview of who qualifies as an alternative for foreign loans is provided by the comparison. The application does not lead directly to the bank, but to creditend.

creditend realistically checks the loan request. This is possible without much loss of time. The application for borrowers is not binding. If the portal grants the instant confirmation, then with guarantee. If the applicant submits a loan application to the proposed banks, the loan commitment follows. Does not work against expectations, creditend pays 200 euros as a consolation.

If the portal rejects, of course it is open to anyone to try his luck with the loan from abroad. But simply and without risks, it will not expire. That’s why recommending the loan attempt on creditend, before credit from abroad becomes the hope.
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