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Are loans without a bureau safe?

A question that many people ask themselves is whether the loans without a Bureau are safe. And the answer is clear: yes. At least if they are transacted with prestigious lenders, such as those that are part of our comparator. In our list you will find solvent companies, with extensive experience in personal loans and with a professionalism that is proven by their clients: in the list, you will observe a column dedicated to the score that each lender receives from their clients, with a number of stars quite high in general. In the following lines we explain why these money loans without credit bureau are safe and other details that you should take into account.

Security at all levels

It can be said that the credits that you can start processing from this comparator are always safe. And they are unlike personal loans in cash without a credit bureau, which can be associated with those granted by private lenders, without clear control by the authorities and sometimes carried out outside the law.

In the case of the lenders of our website, the procedure to follow is the usual in these cases: the same procedures are followed in the petition, in the bank transfer and in the payment of the credit. Everything is done with a receipt, so that the operation is recorded.

One element that all the lenders of our comparator have in common is online security. Their websites are protected with SSL certificates that prevent third parties from spying on sent data and stealing user credentials, thanks to advanced encryption. And to prove it, there are two ways: on the one hand, showing the seal of the certifying entity, with a ‘Verified’ badge or similar. And on the other hand, the padlock that appears in the address bar of the browser. Clicking on it you can check data such as the date of the certificate and the company that issues it.

Data protection is also fundamental in these personal loans without a Bureau. The lenders of our website take the privacy of their clients very seriously and for this they manage files with their personal data and they are committed to their protection, in the terms specified by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

MatizaciĆ³n on the urgent loans without Bureau

Although they have become popular with the name of ‘loans without checking Buro’, it is not accurate to say that the lender company skips the step of checking the client’s economic history. Yes it does, but its company policy is different from that of the banks: although there is a small debt reflected in the Credit Bureau, it does not constitute a sufficient reason to reject the request of the applicant.

These are companies that are not on the sidelines of the Credit Bureau, far from it. In fact, these loans in Mexico also influence the user’s economic history. That is, a default or a delay in payment would be a stain on that history, which can be detrimental to many other aspects of the user’s daily life.

Therefore, we recommend the user to respect the deadlines indicated at the time of agreeing the operation, without resorting even to extensions, which could also have a negative effect on your credit history. In any case, if there is an unforeseen event that requires delaying payment, the ideal is to contact the lender. Some of them give the possibility of requesting an extension immediately from your user area.

Conditions of these loans

Despite their particularities, they can be considered fast personal loans without a Bureau. Why? Simply because its concession is much more agile than that of the banks. Even if the applicant has debts, the processing only lasts a few minutes, unless those debts are very important and require a more detailed study.

Normally, all these checks are carried out automatically, as the lenders have special software to analyze the data sent and verify that they are true. And if any error is detected in them, it is usual for the lender to contact the applicant through any of the communication channels provided: telephone, email, SMS, etc.

The fact that they are urgent loans without an online Bureau does not change their general conditions. That is to say, the amount to be lent is usually low, sometimes of just 1,000 pesos, a very low amount if we compare it with what banks usually offer. As a maximum limit, each company chooses its own, but usually it does not exceed 100,000 pesos.

As for the payment term, there is also a lot of disparity. In fact, some lenders opt for the single payment and others for the fractional payment. In the case of the single payment, the amount must be sent at one time, within the term chosen at the time of making the request. And in the fractional payment, the client sends money to the lender every 15 days until the total payment of the credit is completed. This second option is usually the most usual when the amount is certainly high.

The economic income of the applicant is another condition that remains unchanged in immediate personal loans without a bank. In general, lenders demand that the applicant has a stable, regular and sufficient source of income to repay the loan quickly without problems. Of course, the most usual and reliable is the salary receipt. However, some lenders also admit other sources, such as private insurance or money generated by a freelance professional. In any case, it will always be necessary to present a document that proves that the user is receiving this money at the time of the request.

In addition, the requirement that the applicant is of legal age and have the Mexican Elector Credential is unanimous. It is the best way to check that the user is in a regular situation in the country.

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