How to invest small savings

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How to invest small savings

Whenever we talk about investment we think of large amounts of money and we believe that we do not need to do so because we have a few euros stored under the mattress. However, the idea of ​​investing is to earn more money, so any amount can be put to work.
What to invest in when you have small amounts?

1: Fixed terms: they are deposits that are made in the bank where the money cannot be moved for a certain time and the bank gives you interest rates for this. The longer you have the money tied up, the more you will earn. They can be done from "for a month" to "yearly".

2: Entrepreneurship: if the money is little then there is not so much to lose, and you could get to work on some venture that you have always wanted to carry out: a store, clothing design, catering for events, something on the internet, etc. .

3: Buying foreign currency: to fight inflation it is possible to buy foreign currency (dollars, pounds or whatever), as well as bitcoins, the digital or virtual currency that has already been talked about a lot.

4: Invest in the Stock Market: it takes time and you will need advice, but small amounts can be invested, and soon you will be part of a new world that you did not know.

5: Invest in land: There is always the possibility of investing in land in unpopulated areas. If you have vision, you may find that in a few years your land is worth much more and there will be someone who will want to buy it from you. It doesn't always have to be a blind bet, you can go, meet, or contact people who have already done it.

6: Non-traditional investments - Have you ever thought about investing in wines or works of art? There are people who buy quality wines and keep them for years to be able to later sell old vintages at expensive prices. Of course, you must control the temptation to drink them yourself. Another option would be to do it in works of art, buying and reselling. The same can be done with furniture and collectibles.

In short, no money is little, and if the idea is to have more and more, you have to give a twist to the traditionalist thinking of having it kept under seven keys.

about the author

Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: September 20, 2016