Dental insurance: coverage and franchises

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Dental insurance: coverage and franchises

Dental insurance has become popular in recent years as an extension of general medical insurance. In fact, it is rare enough to find a medical insurer that does not offer dental insurance supplemental to your health insurance. If we have children or if we are getting older, we may be interested in including dental insurance in our policy or, if we do not have private health insurance, only take out dental insurance. It is an option that can help us cover the general basic expenses of the dentist and save on those more expensive, although, whenever necessary, requesting a quick loan can be the solution to financing our dental treatments.

As with other insurances, in the case of dental insurance, although the monthly ones vary little between some companies and others (from an average of € 7 per month), the coverage, the franchises, the clinics and the Specialists can differ a lot from one to the other, so it is necessary that you carefully review all these details before deciding which dental insurance to take out in the end.

The main thing you should know are three different terms: free services, coverage and franchises.

  • Starting with the first one, most dental insurance will include a list of free services included in the monthly fee. The most common are: professional consultation (with examination and diagnosis), general dental check-up, occlusal analysis and adjustment, and oral cleaning. Some insurances also include X-rays and tooth removal (especially for children).
  • When we talk about coverage, we simply mention the complete list of services and treatments (free and at cost), as well as clinics and doctors, that the insurance covers.
  • The objective of having dental insurance contracted is to be able to access dental treatments with a saving between 40-50% of the usual price. For this, there are franchises, with which you will only pay part of the total cost of your dental treatment.

However, despite free services and dental insurance franchises, there are dental treatments that represent a real assault on our pockets. Children's orthodontics becomes an outlay of around € 1,500 just for its manufacture and placement (with dental insurance); if we talk about implants, they are more than € 600 each, not to mention hybrid prostheses on implants that exceed € 2,000.

We all know that going to the dentist is necessary and advisable to do it once a year for a routine checkup. Having a well cared for mouth with all healthy parts is a guarantee for the prevention of other diseases. But let's face it, it's not cheap at all when there are certain problems that need to be fixed. If apart from your dental insurance you need extra financing that allows you to pay the cost of these more expensive dental treatments, do not hesitate to request your quick loan. With a fast loan you will have the money you need from one day to the next, without complications or tedious procedures. A great way to make going to the dentist never become a postponed task again.

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LAST UPDATED: September 29, 2016