Wedding invitations: joy or disaster for the month?

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Wedding invitations: joy or disaster for the month?

Continuing with the title question, how many weddings have you been invited to this year? If the answer is more than two, surely you fully understand the purpose of this article. Although, don't get us wrong, we are the first to be happy to receive good news and to witness how love triumphs in the world. However, for others, this thought may arise after having made a series of quick calculations of what it will mean to attend so many matrimonial bonds and have come to the conclusion of whether the money is available or whether it is necessary to apply for a loan online.

And I don't blame them at all, because there are some invitations that give you the creeps just by opening the envelope and starting to read the required dress code, gift list, and bank account number below. Starting with the dress code , there is a basic rule that always applies, especially to women: you cannot repeat a suit or dress in links of the same family or group of friends. This means that, although we have several party dresses in our closet, if the link is from our family or the same group of friends, we will surely consider buying a new dress. Men have it a little easier and cheaper, because they will only need to change the shirt and matching accessories (tie, bow tie, vest, pocket square), as long as it is a formal dress code without entering into etiquette , in which case it will then be our turn to purchase or rent a tuxedo or penguin suit, as needed.

For women, depending a lot on the type of dress or suit they are looking for, we will find very different prices starting at € 100 in the most basic stores. The usual average price for an evening dress of intermediate quality (without being designer) is usually around € 250. If we include shoes and accessories (discounting jewelry), the complete set can be up to € 400. For men, a full suit of intermediate quality can be around € 150; if we add the footwear and complete, the set can rise up to € 350. If we are a married couple, this adds up to € 750.

The next question is: gift, money, or both? Before deciding, first read the invitation carefully, sometimes it is specified at the request of the couple that gifts or money are not accepted. If the option is the gift, the usual thing is that the couple provide a list of gifts in a concerted establishment so that those attending the link choose the gift they want from the given list. The fastest ones will be the first to choose, so don't leave it until last. An intermediate gift of these characteristics usually does not cost less than about € 300 (we are talking about home appliances, technological devices, etc.). The money option, nowadays is made directly through bank transfer and the usual thing is to "pay" twice or one and a half times the wedding menu per attendee. If the average price of a menu in a large capital is around € 90-100 per place setting, the cash gift should be around € 150-€ 200 per attendee.

Adding all this up, the cost of attending a wedding is about € 550 per person, € 1,100 for a marriage. If we multiply this by two or three, the wedding season comes out for a peak. To overcome the trance, apart from reaching for your small savings, online loans also allow you to have this money and attend without stress all the links to which they invite you. With your online loan you will have the money you need quickly and without complications.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2016