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As much as we can admit it, there are few things that last forever and keeping your home up to date is one of them. When buying our home, we all want it to be for life, but, nevertheless, it needs maintenance that takes time and money. With the passing of the years, the pipes, the electrical installation, the heating system and hot water, not to mention the furniture, the paint, the electrical appliances ... all of them deteriorate and at some point they have to be renewed. In addition, sometimes our house requires certain adaptations so that it continues to be functional as our lives and needs change. Pulling or adding partitions to remove or add rooms, change the bathtub for the shower (or vice versa) or glaze the terrace end up becoming an essential for our home to remain the home of our dreams.

In an ideal situation we would have enough money to completely rebuild the house without the budget being a problem. And, although some people are lucky enough to live in this ideal world, the rest of us mortals will need to apply for a credit online to meet these expenses. Since it is something that is done at most once in a lifetime, it makes no sense to leave things half done. For this reason, if you have considered reforming your home, it is better that you carry out all the reforms at once; the first for your comfort and the second because you will save on many procedures (building licenses, permits from the neighborhood community, request for a rubble container, etc.). Also, you can surely negotiate a better price with the contractor if you ask for a quote for a larger reform.

We know that for most families the budget for their dream reform falls short of the savings they have available, which is perfectly understandable. Just the cost of reforming a kitchen of about 6 square meters with intermediate qualities can mean an outlay of around € 3,000. Changing the floor of a house of about 70 square meters, depending on the quality of the stoneware or the flooring you choose, will also be around € 3,500 - € 4,500. Applying for a loan online is the perfect alternative to face a budget that, without including luxury qualities, meets all the requirements of your list of things to do. Although it is not necessary to apply for a credit online for your entire budget, you can always complete your savings with a quick loan. Unlike banks, fast loans are obtained with little bureaucratic procedures or paperwork and you can return them in comfortable terms.

As we said before, home renovations are done once in a lifetime. Turn your old house back into the home of your dreams without letting budget be a problem. In addition, the reform of your home will not only help you to be more comfortable in it, but it will revalue the price of it, so it will never be money wasted; on the contrary, you will get it back when you sell your house.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: October 7, 2016