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Referring to the famous phrase of Socrates: "I only know that I know nothing", any professional, whatever the sector, should also remember this saying if you want not to get stuck with time in your job. In particular, new technologies, science, laws ... there are endless disciplines that are constantly evolving and changing and it is necessary to keep up to date for a correct performance of our work. It is true that many companies take care of this aspect and invest money in training and updating the knowledge of their employees, but, unfortunately, not all Human Resources departments work so efficiently and in other cases we are talking about self-employed workers who indiscriminately need this particular training.

If you start to investigate the different options that postgraduate studies offer us, you will see that there is a diversity of degrees (master, doctorate, technical specialist, etc.) according to the schools (private or public) that teach the program and the teaching hours of the same. We assume that to continue your university studies or specialize in a specific area, a master's degree or specialist technical degree may be enough. If your level of studies is lower than university, there is also another series of training courses that will serve the purpose of expanding your knowledge in a specific field.

The prices of the master's and technical specialist programs are equally diverse. The prestige of the school, the number of teaching hours, the complexity / length of the syllabus, whether it is face-to-face or online, are some of the aspects that will influence the price. If we take the classic MBA as an example, we find prices from € 3,000 to more than € 20,000 for the most prestigious universities or postgraduate university schools, such as ICADE. Official degrees from these highly prestigious and reputable graduate schools can open many doors for you in the world of work, not only for the simple fact of the knowledge acquired and being able to add this degree to your curriculum, but because these schools have teachers who They are part of the work environment in which the graduate degree focuses and maintain close relationships and collaborations with certain large companies. All of this undoubtedly increases the student's chances of success after completing their master's degree.

We know that investing € 20,000 in a postgraduate degree may sound chilling, but if you find yourself unemployed or stuck in your job due to lack of specific training that allows you to move up, it can certainly be a very profitable investment. Now, thanks to online credits, this investment may not become a hole for your savings or a barrier to achieving your medium-term goal. Any individual can request their credit online with great ease from the internet or by telephone and obtain in a few hours the money necessary for these eventualities in life. In addition, online credits are just as safe as loans granted by traditional banks and you can return them in comfortable terms. Find out about online credits because they can be the solution to investing in your training.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: October 14, 2016