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Winter is approaching and cold days with it, so if you have not yet tuned your old boiler it is time to pass your inspection so that everything is perfect when you start using it. However, even if your boiler is working properly, it may be insufficient to heat your home "efficiently". Have you noticed that you need to put it to maximum operation to warm the house and still end up with a blanket on the sofa? Very possibly it is because your boiler is many years old and its power is not adequate for the size of your home. If this is happening, your natural gas bill is surely much higher than normal due to the unnecessary high consumption, or the propane cylinder is lasting less time than it would correspond to a modern boiler.

Many of the boilers being manufactured now have Type A energy certification, which means that they are energy efficient. A boiler suitable for the size of your home and also low consumption can save you a lot of gas (either natural or otherwise). If you are going to renew your old boiler, possibly your best option is to buy a condensing boiler, which works not only with natural gas, but also with propane or diesel. The main reason for this is that condensing boilers use a heat utilization mechanism that makes them have an efficiency of more than 100%, thus achieving a gas saving of about 30% compared to old boilers. If the pro is very striking, the cons may disappoint you a bit: the price of these boilers starts at around € 700, depending on the manufacturer and the power.

In this regard, there are some financial aids that could reduce spending. For example, the community of Madrid has a renovation plan for individual boilers that offers € 150 discount for your condensing boiler from the best brands and interest-free financing for up to 36 months. But as always when it comes to financial aid, you have to read the fine print: this financing is arranged with certain banks and you have to request it, so it is up to the bank to accept or reject it.

For a more agile financing that allows you to obtain the money necessary to renew your boiler there are online loans. Applying for your online loan online will ensure that you receive the financing you need to acquire your modern and low-consumption condensing boiler that will help you save on your gas bill month after month, as well as keep your house warm throughout the winter. To apply for your loan online you only need to fill out a form with your information, choose the amount and the term to return, and wait comfortably to receive your money. Do not hesitate to find out more about it, because your new boiler awaits you this winter.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: October 21, 2016