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The conditions of personal loans in 2018

The conditions of online personal loans and personal loans have been relaxed in 2018 by up to 10% according to data from the Bank of Spain. Not all companies have followed this trend, therefore it is important to apply for it in personal loan companies that follow this trend and maintain low rates. Personal loans require certain conditions, which are reduced in the different communities of the Spanish territory, but in this wave of ease in the loan barriers are avoided such as: age, work situation and even people included in the credit association lists. defaults, list prepared by the Equifax company).
This allows loan companies to enter new market niches and increase demand for these products. This increases the importance of comparing loans before asking for them to continue this wave of facilitation in terms of conditions, since although it is a trend, not all companies that grant quick loans follow it.

The leadership of personal loans in Spain

The leadership in this sector of personal loans is held by online loans in Spain, since in all the autonomous communities they have most of the demand, focused on their companies. Online consumer loans are quick and easy to get, with just 5 minutes you can buy one online and this encourages consumption and reactivates the economy in the territory.
The ability of families to request short-term loans online, increases their possibilities before bills and immediate payments to pay, these personal loans need advice and a good choice to avoid huge interests that cannot be faced, for this need there are Different online companies that work online to compare, according to your personal situation, the best conditions and thus, in this way find the most beneficial ones that continue the trend of this 2018.

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Maria Solis Burley

Credit consultant in Spain. Financial Analyst at Crédito Victoria.
LAST UPDATED: August 30, 2018